Primary Education

Primary age tutoring to support the school curriculum; planned around your child’s individual style of learning and special requirements.

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Primary Age Tutoring

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More structured learning sessions are available for primary aged children after school hours. These will be planned individually for the children to support any learning concepts that they need guiding through.

This follows the Love Laugh Learn practical and active approach, while making the learning more focussed towards the primary curriculum. Having taught in schools from Reception throughout the Primary age range, we are aware of how topics and concepts are best taught and received after supporting an enormous range of learners and personalities.

The primary tutoring can be subject focussed- eg- English- with a focus on phonics and reading or mathematics. Furthermore, the tutoring sessions can cover a variety of subjects or more specialist areas of concern.

Every child has specific learning styles. We work with children where English is their second language and also children on the autistic spectrum. At Love Laugh Learn all learners’ needs will be catered for in an enjoyable and accessible way.

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