What We Offer

Individual or small group sessions are available.

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How it Works

Pre-school phonics classes are payable termly with your first trial session free. If you enjoy the trial, sign up for the rest of the term at the end of the class or over the phone. Find out term dates here.

Home based sessions begin with an introductory development evaluation.

During this time we will have the opportunity to:

  •        Evaluate your child’s stage of learning and development
  •        Establish your child’s way of learning – For example: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic
  •        Gain an understanding of your child’s likes and dislikes and find out what excites them
  •        Discuss any special education or language needs your child has
  •        Plan the regularity and length of the sessions that will suit your child’s needs

Home Sessions

Sessions can be based from the home and garden of Love Laugh Learn in Barnes, or from your own home in South West London. Sessions are usually for one hour or half an hour. Payment is on a monthly basis and additional holiday sessions or days are available.